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School Tour & Handbook

Craigmount High School Handbook

Our handbook contains a range of information about Craigmount High School which will be of interest to you and your child. It offers an insight into the life and ethos of the school.

Craigmount High School Virtual Tour

Welcome to Craigmount High School. We hope you enjoy having a look around our school and meeting some of our staff.

Please note this tour was filmed during our lockdown in April 2020 hence why the building is empty in places.

When you enter the tour you can drag to look around and move through the building. Look out for white circles to help you move around. Click on the blue dots to hear some of our staff introductions.

To switch from ‘Dolls House’ to ‘Plan’ view click on the button on the bottom left hand of the screen. This will allow you to drop into a different room or area.

Main Entrance, Concourse, Dining Area, Leadership corridor, Student Support, Support for Learning and Drama.

View our Main Entrance, Concourse and Dining Area through to the Leadership corridor, Student Support, Support for Learning and Drama.

Art, Business and Computing

View Art, Business and Computing and the Library.

PE, Food & Consumer Technology (FCT) and Craft, Design & Technology (CDT).

View PE, Food and Consumer Technology (FCT) and Craft, Design and Technology (CDT).


View Maths

Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

View Science including Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Social Subject (Geography, History & Modern Studies)

View Social Subject, taking in Geography History and Modern Studies