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Promoting Positive Wellbeing and Ethos

Promoting and supporting positive wellbeing and ethos within the Craigmount High School community is an integral part of our day-to-day practice. As a school community we endeavour to support all who are part of it, through promoting positive wellbeing, how to achieve it, how to seek further support and how to work together to encourage and foster an ethos of care and support for mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

This page is updated regularly with relevant information, signposting, events and ‘goings on’ in the school which promote positive wellbeing. Our first few resources give insight to the school’s current protocols, signposting to support our young people and parents/carers and a techniques booklet which we use regularly to encourage different strategies to support positive wellbeing. 

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What we and you can do

Information about in-school procedures and some top tips for supporting positive wellbeing at home.

Self Help Signposting

Packed with different apps, podcasts, websites and resources for pupils, parents/carers and staff all promoting and supporting positive wellbeing.

Positive Wellbeing Support Strategies

A range of different strategies that can be used by all to help aid positive wellbeing – we draw from these a lot when supporting the young people in school.