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Dress Code

Craigmount High School dress code was agreed in consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the Parent Council. We believe as a school community that a school dress code is important for the following reasons:

• Wearing school uniform instils pride and a sense of belonging. It projects an appropriate
image to the local community and visitors to our school.

• Wearing school uniform removes the stigma attached to wearing more expensive branded
items and reduces peer pressure.

• In a large school, for safety reasons, it is essential that all pupils are instantly recognisable
as Craigmount High School pupils.

• Wearing school uniform supports pupils to prepare for the world of work

Our pupils tell us that comfort, affordability, self-expression and consistency are important aspects to consider as part of our school dress code.

As a school, we will work with pupils and families to ensure everyone is following our dress code.

The items below form the Craigmount High School code.

As a school we have agreed that all pupils at Craigmount High School should wear white and black which can include the following:

All items of school clothing should maintain the dignity of the young person and not place them at risk. The following items are not part of our dress code:

• coloured clothing and shoes
• vest tops, crop tops and football tops
• hats
• branded clothing with large logos
• crocs, flip flops, sliders or slippers

In some practical subjects (CDT, FCT and science) pupils will be asked to remove a hoodie for
health and safety purposes. Hoods should be down at all times in the building.

Physical Education (PE)

PE clothes must be different from those worn to school and be appropriate for the planned activity.

Activities can be indoors or outdoors so preparing for the weather is important. Pupils can find out their activities on the Physical Education timetable or from their teacher.

Support with School Uniform

Please get in touch if you need any support in accessing school uniform by e-mailing the school ( or contacting your child’s Pupil Support Leader.

We have a partnership with the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank and where we can request up to six items of new uniform for pupils who would benefit.

Any Craigmount branded uniform which pupils have outgrown can be handed into the school office where they will be added to our Craigmount Marketplace. Young people and their families are welcome to take uniform from our Marketplace. There is access to this from our school office each day and will be available at all evening events in the school

Ordering School Uniform

School ties are not available to order online but can be purchased direct from the school office and cost £7.50 (S6 tie is £10).

White and black polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jumpers and cardigans with the Craigmount Logo can be purchased online from Borders Embroidery.

Borders Embroidery also recently opened a shop at 187A Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH11 1DH, if you prefer to shop in person.

Craigmount High School Dress Code

Please click the link below to see our dress code for August 2024.