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Free School Meals & School Wear

Information on Free School Meals & School Wear

Part of our school funding is based on the number of students claiming Free School Meals. Therefore, all students benefit from families claiming their Free School Meal entitlement. So, please apply if you think you might be eligible.

We understand that sometimes students might not want to eat lunch in the school canteen. Nevertheless, for the reason given above, it is important that their Free School Meal entitlement is claimed. Please note that the lunch credit can also be used for purchases made during morning interval.

For help, or more information, please contact Mrs Jack through the school office, on 339 6823 or

The application system has changed recently and parents will no longer have to reapply for the Free School Meals and Clothing Grant each year. It will be assumed that unless your circumstances have changed, your entitlement will continue. Some parents may receive reminders to reapply for the coming year. If so, please apply as soon as possible in order that your entitlement starts at the beginning of term.

All students who are eligible for Free School Meals automatically receive the Clothing Grant (£100 paid directly into parents bank account)

To find out if you might qualify, please check;



To download an application form, please check;