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Transition Tuesday – Q&A week

We hope you have enjoyed the Question and Answer sessions this week, with out current S1 pupils at Craigmount. They enjoyed answering your questions, and hopefully reassuring you all, about coming to Craigmount High School in August. This was our last week of Transition Tuesday and here you can find a video from Mrs Urquhart, who is another Depute Headteacher at the school.

Next week you have your 3-day virtual transition and we hope you really enjoy all the activities and tasks on offer, as well as ask any more questions that you may have. We look forward to welcoming you all to Craigmount High School in August 😊.

Transition Tuesday – 1st June 2021

We hope you enjoyed some of the tasks that were set last week and meeting some of our Senior Leadership Team. Today you will get to meet Mrs Coull and also some tasks set from the following subjects:


Personal and Social Education (PSSE)

Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

We look forward to seeing some of you next week, for the virtual question and answer sessions. Those unable to join, we will post one of the sessions so you can hear some of the answers to the questions you have.

Transition Tuesday – 25th May 2021

I hope you all had a nice long weekend. This week you are going to meet some of the school’s Senior Leadership Team – Mr Meikle (Headteacher) and Mr Pye (Depute Head Teacher)  and have an opportunity to explore and engage with the following subjects;

Food and Consumer Technology (FCT),

Religious, Moral, Philosophical Studies (RMPS),

Maths  Here is a link to the task at the end of the maths video : Can you solve the river crossing riddle? – Lisa Winer – YouTube

Modern Languages.

The tasks you do will link to some of the activities you will do in your 3 day virtual visit. Enjoy!

Today’s Transition Tuesday allows you to explore the school building. Visit different subject classrooms, meet some of the school staff and start to recognise some faces. The school is split over 3 levels so you may want to take some time to look at each level individually. Next week you will meet some subject teachers and be set some tasks to help prepare you for your Virtual Transition days.