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Virtual Transition Week 4

Calton House

This week Miss Campbell the Pupil Support Leader for Calton has a transition activity for each P7 student to design an avatar for TEAMS to use when they are at Craigmount. We are looking forward to seeing all the avatars that are created.

Here are some web links that can be used as an alternative way to create an avatar. (once finished, student needs to right click on image and select save picture as) (go through the steps and then right click on image and select save picture as – this one is not as realistic as the first one)

Next Week

Instead of the three day transition visit all P7 students in Edinburgh will be taking part in the ‘Moving on Up’ transition in their primary school. Next Wednesday we plan on posting a transition assembly to provide P7 students with more information about Craigmount and hopefully answer more of the P7 questions