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I hope your child has received their results this morning and are pleased with what they have achieved.

If the grade your child has been awarded is lower than the grade their teacher submitted, they may be eligible for a Post Certification Review (PCR) by SQA. If your child is eligible for a review, we will contact them via their school email by Friday 14 August. We have strict criteria regarding eligibility from the SQA and can only submit a review if the criteria is met. If the award grade is equal to, or better, than the estimate then that result is not eligible for a review. 

It is essential that, assuming the candidate wants the review to go ahead, they return that permission as soon as possible. The reason we need the candidate’s permission is because there are three possible outcomes from a review request:

1. The SQA agree with the original estimate submitted and upgrade the result.

2. The SQA disagree with the original estimate submitted and confirm the awarded grade.

3. The SQA disagree with both the original estimate and the original awarded grade and apply an alternative, lower, grade.

It is because of that third possibility that we need the candidate’s permission to submit the review.

Where the new system differs markedly from the normal PRS system is that when we submit a review request this year we also have to submit evidence in the form of work done by the pupil. This will include exam standard assignments and assessments as well as class tests and relevant classwork. A short commentary on the candidate can also be added by the school to support and contextualise the submitted evidence.

Just from that brief summary you will appreciate that the submission of review requests will be a significant task for staff and one that will take many hours to complete and to a tight set of deadlines. In addition to the normal work at the start of the new school year and with the particular demands of new approaches to pupil return in 2020 this is going to be a very busy start to the term.

You can assist us in a number of ways:

  • Please do not contact specific teachers to request a review. Reviews will always be submitted where the candidate is eligible and we have evidence to support a change. Parental or candidate requests cannot alter eligibility or evidence but do take staff away from the task of assessing the evidence and compiling it for submission.
  • Please do not contact staff to request information about a candidate’s estimate. If a candidate has not been awarded their estimate they will receive an email from me. If they do not receive an email then they have been awarded their estimate.
  • If we make contact to ask for agreement for a review submission please encourage your child to respond as quickly as possible. We cannot submit a review request without the permission of the candidate.
  • Please do not contact us to see if decisions have come back from the SQA on submitted reviews. We will release results of reviews to candidates as soon as we are allowed to.


The SQA has published the timeline for the post-certification review process and the key dates are as follows:

Tuesday 4th
Results are published, and the request service opens
Friday 14th
Deadline for submission of Priority Review requests*
Thursday 20th
Uplift of the evidence to support these Priority Review requests
Friday 21st
Deadline for submission of (non-priority) Review requests
Thursday 27th
Uplift of the evidence to support (non-priority) Review requests
Friday 4th SeptemberOutcomes of Priority Review requests issued to centres and to UCAS
TBC**Outcomes of (non-priority) Review requests issued to centres

* These are the review requests for candidates where entry to University courses, or similar, is dependent on certain grade being achieved.

** SQA have indicated this date will depend on the volume of requests received.  

The staff at Craigmount worked incredibly hard to submit fair and properly-evidenced estimates back in May. Staff are going to be working just as hard in the next few weeks to make sure results fairly reflect the standards of work we have seen from our pupils.

If your son/daughter requires a priority post-certification review to support a UCAS/college conditional offer can you please contact me by Friday 7 August so we are aware and can ascertain if a review can be submitted.

Coursing Review

If your child would like to request a change of course or level now that they have their SQA results they can do so by emailing me at . I will have a look at the options available and can ensure that possible changes are made prior to pupils returning to school. There will be opportunities for pupils to make changes once they return and information will be given about this during the induction days next week. The deadline for coursing reviews is Wednesday 19 August.

Support Available


UCAS are offering live Q&A sessions on their Facebook page today from 9.30 am. They will be sharing advice on calling universities, career options and what to do if they don’t have a place at university. If pupils end up in Clearing with UCAS, they can log into their UCAS account to see courses they have been personally matched to and express an interest in any they’d like to be considered for. If they hear back and receive an offer, they can add it as a Clearing choice from 10.00 am today.

Skills Development Scotland
The Skills Development Scotland Results Helpline is also back for 2020 offering free expert advice about the different options available to students.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and I wish every pupil the very best for their results and their future.

Kind regards,

Tracy Urquhart

Depute Headteacher