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S1 Digital Literacy & Business

Come in from the snow and warm up your hands by practising your typing skills via Prize given out next week for the student who completes the most time on their skills between today and Monday 5th March.


S2 Computing Science

Practice your Scratch programming skills, or even play other people’s games on on a computer, will not work on an iPad. Or have a go at one of the tutorials:


S3 Admin & IT

Come in from the snow and warm up your hands by practicing your typing skills via


S3 Business

It is Fairtrade fortnight, read the article below and create a Sway/Powerpoint/Poster about the benefits of Fairtrade.


S3 Computing

Students can work on Scratch programming via the website.


N5 Business Management

Join the Quizlet group to practice your vocabulary or work through past paper questions on the sqa website


N5 Accounting

Brightred have Accounting exercises on their website that you can use to practice for the N5 Accounting assignment. You will need to create an account. Or use the specimen coursework paper here:


N5 Admin & IT

Bright red website has practical exercises and theory questions for N5 Admin & IT.


N5 Computing Science

Please practice for your assignment, details same as yesterday: N5 students to access the specimen coursework on the SQA Computing Science page (links below). The students can attempt the web design task using Notepad and the python program via the website (page 15-16)  (files)


Higher and Advanced Higher Business

Past paper questions or assignment. Read through scholar notes and answer questions.


Higher Computing

Technical Implications questions on your class onenote page.


Advanced Higher Computing

Work on your coursework documentation.