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Dear Parents/Carers

Since my earlier email today there has been no further clarification from SQA. I assure you that once we have guidance, I will share this. It is a hugely complex issue for them so I did not expect things to be resolved quickly. I know you will understand this.

I have had two communications from the centre today:

  1. To say that the HPV programme in schools ( due to begin on 23/03) has been cancelled for the rest of the session.
  2. An update of the Edinburgh Learns guidelines for parents posted on Friday. These have now been changed to a web-friendly format and I have arranged for this new version to be posted.

I also want to inform you that the S4intoS5 work experience planned for June will not take place at that time now. The NHS work experience placements had already been cancelled, but now the whole programme is on hold. I am sure you will have already anticipated this.

Thank you to those of you who have been using the admin box to send in messages of support. This is much appreciated by the staff, even if our capacity to respond is currently limited by other priorities. I also realise that you may have questions at this worrying time. So, if you are unable to answer any questions through your own parent contacts, and other sources like websites, please use the admin email to contact us with specific questions. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Contacts so far, and understandably, have been SQA-related, so I would appreciate if you could bear with us on this issue for now, as we can only send a general holding email along the lines of what is in my HT updates so far.

One of the things we aim to develop as we find our feet is further advice on wellbeing. I am also very aware many of our staff ( as you will now be doing) are now supporting young families, or at-risk relatives, so I know you will also understand our capacity is also affected by these other pressures, and that I need to advise them to look after their own wellbeing and that of their families at this difficult time.

Best wishes

Mr T Rae

Head Teacher