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Please see below extracts from our students overall experience of the Battlefields Tour.

“It made me feel grateful for being alive and healthy”
“When I walked through the Trenches, I actually felt like a real soldier about to go over the top”
“This was an experience that has changed me”
“I found this trip moving and powerful”
“This helped me to remember how brutal war can be”
“It made you realise to be grateful for what you’ve got – shelter, family, friends, food and warmth”
“This was one of the best experiences of my life”
“I visited a grave with no name and I will remember that moment forever”
“I thanked my soldier for all he had done, his sacrifice, and paid my respects to the lost and lonely unknown soldier”
“It made me feel very honoured and glad that I was able to remember that soldier”
“I felt grateful to have had this experience”

Our students were a credit to themselves and their school, once again. Just wanted to pass on some of their thoughts about their experience – they kept a diary for the whole tour.