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Uniform Information

COVID-19 UPDATE – Ideally, we are expecting all students to arrive to school wearing:

  • White shirt (with collar) or
  • white or black polo shirt
  • Formal black trousers/skirt/shorts
  • Craigmount round neck sweatshirt or black v-neck jumper or cardigan with logo
  • Black footwear only.

We appreciate the current circumstances and do not want to add stress to households so pupils can be presentable in plain school colours (black and white) or Craigmount logo attire.

If students have PE on their timetable, appropriate PE kit should be worn to school as changing is currently unavailable.

A jacket is advised as break & lunch time will be outdoors, as will some travel between classes. Clothes should be laundered daily, as such ties and blazers are not currently expected.

Please note that we are seeking to phase in the above uniform code so be aware when purchasing future items.

Craigmount High School believes there are many advantages in having a clear dress code,
these advantages include:

  • Encouraging a sense of belonging to and pride in the school
  • Encouraging a purposeful attitude to school work and extra curricular activities
  • Enhancing the image of the school
  • Improving safety in the classroom and in practical areas such as Science labs
  • Improving school security through easy identification of intruders
  • Convenience for Parents

Ordering the School Uniform

School uniforms can be purchased from Border Embroideries.

Border Embroideries guidance

School ties are not available to order online but can be purchased direct from the school office.

The Dress Code is outlined below:

All students in S1-S6
  • White shirt (with collar) and tie
  • Or Craigmount polo shirt with school logo
  • Formal Black trousers or skirt
  • Black footwear
Additional items

Craigmount round neck sweatshirt or v-neck jumper or cardigan with logo

PE Kit

Important information regarding PE Kit:

The Physical Education Department would like to highlight their expectations around kit and participation in classes.

We expect:

  • A change of top
  • A change of bottoms (joggers, shorts, leggings – these must be different from those worn to school)
  • A change of jumper if required (no school jumpers that are worn in class to be used)
  • Any long hair will be required to be tied up
  • No mobile phones (unless teacher is allowing use in class for L&T purposes)
  • Only water will be permitted to be consumed in class

The PE Department aspire to engage all students within Physical Activity and/or Sport in line with Government expectations of a minimum of 2 hours per week. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if support is required.

Students not in school dress

The following actions may be taken if your child fails to comply with the school dress code without a valid reason:

  • Senior students S5/6 are likely to be sent home, if this continues formal meetings
    will be held
  • Students may be removed from lesson and provided with relevant work
  • The School will contact Parents by telephone or letter to remind them of the dress
  • Arranging an interview with student and parents to discuss the dress code
  • Remaining in school at lunchtime