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Friday 23rd June 2017


Dear Parents/Carers


The main event this week has to be the P7 three day visit. The staff have been commenting on what a great group of young people they are and we are looking forward to seeing them again in August. The parent information evening was also well attended and received. Informal feedback was very positive and Mrs Coull will set up a formal feedback opportunity so that we are able to refine and further improve our transition programme. I was particularly proud of the short film our new S4 students made about the school to show to P7 parents. I also want to thank the music students and music staff for putting on such a fun performance at the afternoon P7 assembly. Finally, I want to thank the whole student support team for attending the evening and making themselves available to parents. It was Mrs Reid’s final P7 transition, as she will be retiring at the end of term, and she has been letting students know in PSE lessons this week. The changes in the guidance team will be set out in the parent information sheet at the start of the new session but for now, Ms Savage has returned early from a career break and is covering Ms Frew’s classes until the end of term. We will also be welcoming back Mr Lynch on Monday.


Despite the visit, we managed to run some other high profile trips and events last week. These included the Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition practice event, chemistry students attending the Royal Society competition with Mr McKnight, and our science trip to Honduras, now in week two. It is going well and I would urge you to follow the tweets.


On Tuesday I also enjoyed the drama, music and dance performances at this well-attended event. It was a new venture, designed to offer our students a chance to showcase coursework in a more informal and festival-style approach and proved very popular. All S4 drama students took part and performed to audiences which is great for building confidence, and a very inclusive approach. The whole drama team helped to prepare and support the event at a very busy time and I want to thank them for this incredible commitment to our students. Mr Gray, CL Social Subjects,  is also currently leading a team of staff who are reviewing our approach to celebrating achievement and will be planning other events for the new calendar.


Mrs Hendrie, CL Computing & Business Education, has also asked me to share the information below with you:



S3 Computing Science students enjoyed the visit to Napier University this week where they had hands on experience of Hacking, using an Eye Tracker and Animation. Don’t worry, as long as you have secure passwords, they won’t be able to use their new hacking skills to get password information!


Social Enterprise Award

Craigmount received an award for our work in relation to Social Enterprise. Representatives from 2A went along to the awards ceremony at the Assembly Rooms on George street to collect the award on behalf of the school. The award is for the whole of S2, who took part in the Social Enterprise Event in conjunction with Business and FCT departments, where each class were making, promoting and selling muffins. The winning class was 1A (2A). They chose to donate the entire profit of £264.75 to the Blackwood Group who provide accessible housing. Look out for a photo of the students in the Evening News.


Last night two of our junior debating teams (F Simonnet-Lefevre, K Bodasing, I Spowart, A Potluru) also took part in the finals of the ESU Mace.

128 teams enter the ESU Junior Mace. Two Craigmount teams got further than 124 of them. Also, no other school in the competition’s 25 year history has had two teams in the final. Despite not winning on the night, we have plenty to be proud of. Finally, this is a Juniors competition. It is about learning and development. Nobody can deny that we have four of the best prospects entering the senior debating circuit. One of the students, F Simonnet-Levevre, also won best debater. I want to thank Mr McPake and Mr Jardine for supporting the event.


Finally, lots of inward recruitment continues but sometimes we also lose excellent staff when they are promoted. Although we will really miss him, I am absolutely delighted that Mr Irving has been successful in obtaining the Acting HT position at Leith Academy for session 2017-18.


T Rae

Head Teacher