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Dear parents/carers,
This has been an eventful week, please find an update relating to several different aspects of our school.

Health & Safety
We experienced our first confirmed case in the community, and it serves as a solemn reminder for the need of our Health & Safety measures. Please continue to support and encourage your child to engage with the guidelines:

• Staggered start and finish times are in place to avoid large gatherings of young people and to maintain year group bubbles where possible.

• Staggered breaks and lunchtimes are in place avoid large gatherings of young people and to maintain year group bubbles where possible.

• Designated spaces for year groups at social times, encouraging social distancing where possible and maintaining year group bubbles.

• Use of hand sanitiser on entry and exit to the main school building and classrooms. Use of hand sanitiser before and after toilet use. Regular hand washing at social times, before and after food. Reminders to young people at all times about the importance of personal hygiene.

• Wiping down chairs and desks at the start and end of each lesson

• Electrostatic (fogging) cleaning takes place once per month. The next clean will take place on Saturday 17th October.

• Regular cleaning throughout the day using Milton on door handles, banisters and other touch surface areas.

• Increased ventilation in school with windows open.

• One-way system in school to support reduced movement.

• All members of the school community are wearing face coverings in communal areas and corridors at all times.

• Young people are facing forwards in class at all times.

• A 2m teacher zone has been identified in the classroom to ensure 2m
distancing between adults and young people. If a member of staff moves
out of their 2m zone, they wear a face covering as a matter of procedure.

• Clear procedures in place of a young person or member of staff becomes
COVID 19 symptomatic in line with Health Protection Scotland, local
authority and national guidance.

• A health and safety staff group has been established to review risk
assessments on a weekly basis.

• Health and Safety notices developed to keep parents/carers well-informed
of their child’s compliance with the measures.

SQA Update

The SQA have given its update regarding the examination process for this
academic year 2020 – 2021. Please find the SQA update here. I realise that this will create further questions regarding the process for certification in National 5 courses. Please note that subject specific guidance will be published after the October break and thus we will have a clearer picture then. For now, your child should continue to concentrate on his/her learning working towards the formal assessments which start on 7th December 2020.

Primary 7 Parents’ Information Virtual Event
We will post our Primary 7 parents’ information presentation on our website next week. This is the next step in our transition process to welcome our new cohort for 2021-22. As part of our presentation we will provide an opportunity for prospective parents to ask any unanswered questions. We look forward to building a positive relationship with Primary 7 for starting Craigmount next year!

Trace and Protect app (repeat notice 2nd October 2020)
Please see this update from the City of Edinburgh Council regarding the Trace and Protect app. With increasing numbers of reported cases, this tool can give you an early warning and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

I hope you have a good weekend and stay safe.