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Dear parents/carers,

A warm welcome back after the October break. As we now head into the winter season, please find an update relating to several different aspects of our school.

Celebration of 2019-20
Please use this link to see the Awards Presentation for 2019 and 2020. We recognise that our leavers did not have a chance to enjoy their end of school career in the traditional sense. We wish them well for the next stage of their life, hopefully taking fond memories of Craigmount with them. The various award winners will receive their certificates in the post.

Message from Mrs Jack – Development Officer, Equity
Following the Scottish Government’s announcement of additional funding for Free School Meals for Local Authorities last week I am pleased to let you know that a Free School Meals payment of £13.50 per child has been made to all eligible families for the October holiday. Free School Meals payments will also be made for the Christmas, February and Easter holidays. Please get in touch with Mrs Jack (Development Officer, Equity) if you have not received this payment. If you think you might qualify for Free School Meals, please apply online at

Digital Learning

Staff and learners have been working hard to develop and enhance their digital skills. Having the ability to communicate effectively through technology enhances the learning experience and provides opportunities for deeper understanding. We applaud the enthusiasm of our learners who digitally ask for support and will happily provide assistance/response during the working week.

As the technology develops, the authority has produced the Responsible User Protocol for learners, parents and carers to adhere to. Students have this on their House Teams, for reference the protocol can be found here. There is also a quick start guide to digital learning for parents/carers, located here. To ensure we all remain safe in using technology, we seek your assurance that the policy will be adhered to. Any issues or hesitation with this, then please contact the school.

Formal Assessments 2020
Our formal assessment (formerly prelim) diet is due to take place 7th December – 18th December as indicated in the Assessment Calendar published last term and available here

We will need to approach this slightly differently this year based on current COVID and SQA guidelines but will update fully on this in the coming weeks. Please be reassured that these assessments will be a measure of progress to date and an opportunity for learners to receive feedback and identify next steps. It will not be the only piece of evidence used for estimates but form part of a portfolio of evidence for each subject.

Winter weather
We appreciate that as Winter approaches the weather will be more changeable. Please note that learners should continue to be mindful when dressing for school – especially of current health & safety measures: windows and doors open for ventilation; learners outside whenever possible and always for PE.

Happy Halloween!