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Dear parents/carers,

Please find an update relating to several different aspects of our school.

Transmission of Covid

These strange times continue with more national restrictions due to the increase in transmission of Covid.  Please note that there are no new measures in place for Craigmount.  A sincere thank-you for all your support, vigilance and compliance with the measures.

As the threat grows from the virus we need to rely on our values of

Awareness, Drive, Aspiration, Purpose and Trust to ensure we minimise the effect on our community.  With this in mind please note the following points:

Social Times

We amended our systems and continue to ensure your child’s safety and the safety of staff not only in terms of Covid but in general as well.  As you know, we have year group bubbles during break and lunch.  This is to minimise cross contamination and the amount of close contacts learners have so if there is a positive case as few learners as possible must self-isolate at home. 

During these times, learners are outside and should look to stay safe through social distancing and appropriate play.  There is a trend of “British Bull Dogs” being played where the object is to tackle people to the ground.  As you can imagine, this is dangerous and has already resulted in a few injuries.  I would appreciate your support in ensuring your child is aware of how inappropriate this is.

Face Coverings

Well done to all those who wear face coverings and do not need to be reminded.  There are still many learners who need to be prompted to wear their face covering or worse they remove them when there is no staff around.  Please support the message that this measure protects the wearer and those around them.

Learners can gain face coverings at the office if they forget or need one.  These are not exhaustible, and we appreciate all those who remember to bring their own.


One of the key measures to minimise the risk of transmission is the use of hand sanitiser on entry and exit of the building and entry and exit of the classroom.  For most learners this has become part of normal practice and is an accepted fact of life.  There are some who are actively not using the sanitiser to the point where they “pretend” to use it.  I cannot stress enough that this behaviour is unacceptable.  It is a key requirement to attend school and by placing their hand on the dispenser and not using the sanitiser, those learners are significantly increasing the risk of transmission.  Again, your support in educating your child in this would be most welcome.


This week saw the introduction of some hot food back to the canteen.  There are set year group lines for learners to use (while wearing a face covering) and hand sanitiser at the front to be used before being served.

Please note that we still recommend bringing packed lunches to avoid the crowded queues.

Use of Teams

All S2-S6 classes are set up in Teams for every subject.  Staff are populating Teams with homework activities and additional materials.  S1 have Teams set up for Maths, English, House and Digital Skills Teams with expansion to all subjects over the next month.  Please check with your child if they are accessing this and completing the work set.  If there are any issues, please ask your child to talk with their subject teacher.

Water Fountains

I have been informed that the drinking fountains will be changed next week from direct drinking to a long tap.  This will provide additional capacity for students to fill their water bottles.  For now, learners should please continue to bring the water they need or access the canteen at lunch if they wish to fill their water bottle.