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Head Teacher’s Update
Dear parents/carers,
As the first full week ends of 100% occupancy please find a quick update regarding a few points of school life:

Inclement Weather Arrangements
Our arrangements for inclement weather were used on Monday. We appreciate the feedback received and have incorporated this in refining these arrangements.

Two highlighted concerns were the lack of seating provision at lunchtime and overcrowding. We have now addressed these and have measures in place. The new locations of where pupils will go for inclement weather can be found here.

Please note that due to capacities of staff and space: “wet” break times will still be in the concourse (for S1-S3) and different locations (for S4-S6) without seating. We believe this is acceptable as break is a shorter period.

Front of School
As we settle into routines please remember that students should arrive just as school is starting. The timings of the school day can be found here. We have assigned locations for pupils to go to before the school day starts and allocated certain entry points. The front of school has seen a number of learners congregate; waiting for the school building to open. The muster points before the start of school and the entry points for each year group can be found here.

Local Community
A thank-you to all learners who are aware of the local community by keeping the 2m social distance from all adults and following protocols in local services. Another thank-you to all learners who dispose of their litter responsibly. Please keep this going!

UCAS Update
S6 pupils who are considering applying to university can now start completing their UCAS application. A presentation containing all the essential information they require including deadlines for each stage was delivered during PSE yesterday. This presentation will be available on their house teams page and on the pupil information section of the school website from Monday.
If pupils require support at any stage of their application, they should seek this from their Pupil Support Leader.

Certificates Awarded
A Maths competition was held online in June. Mr Pye “virtually” awarded the certificates today. Congratulations to all those who took part.

There will be another update at the start of next week to remind learners of the health & safety measures in place and the rationale behind them. All the best for the weekend, the learners have worked well this week and deserve some rest. We look forward to welcoming them back on Monday!