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Dear parents/carers,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, please find this week’s update regarding different aspects of school life.

New Addition at Craigmount
This week we welcomed Emma Bathgate, our new school counsellor to our community. Emma will work two days a week and recruitment continues for another full-time counsellor to support work with all 10-18 year olds within the Craigmount cluster. Emma will initially check in with students who previously were referred to our school counsellor. Any new referrals will come through our Pupil Support Leaders.

Pupil Survey Results Wellbeing
We thank the 60% of students who participated in the recent survey. Please note some key headlines:
• 85% feel confident in school
• 90% feel their learning is progressing well
• 79% participate in activities to support their wellbeing
We have analysed all the information provided by students about their wellbeing and access to technology at home. Using this information, the Pupil Support Leaders check in with students individually and during PSE lessons. They have also identified strategies and interventions that would best support our young people.
Here is some of the provision on offer for each year group by the Pupil Support Leaders:

S1: Positive Mindset, Positive Thoughts, Positive Wellbeing with Ms Campbell: Supporting our young people to develop the skills they need to foster a positive mindset and equip themselves with strategies to support them when challenged.

S1: The Assist Programme with Mr Sansom and Mrs Frew:
This programme allows students to engage and create dialogue around their behaviour choices and impact on the school and surrounding community.

S2: We are planning a StressLess course for after Christmas.

S3: Yin Yoga with Ms Tomas:
Offers a chance to slow down, foster self-compassion, self-awareness and learn to sit with emotions and recognise them.

S4: Mindfulness with Ms Savage:
Mindfulness is all about learning to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds, moment by moment, with open-minded curiosity and acceptance.

Senior School: Emma Bathgate, our new school counsellor has joined us this week and is offering individual support to senior students.

Senior School: Please follow this link for some useful short clips on how to revise for examinations and manage stress levels.

Our aim is to ensure that all students have access to learning at home digitally. We have issued 95 iPads throughout lockdown and since returning to school in response to students not having access. Miss Ramsay is running support sessions for students who have been issued an iPad to ensure they are able to use it to its full potential at home and in school.

As far as we are aware all students are now able to access their TEAMS (and thus their learning) on a device at home. If this is not the case, then please contact our Pupil Equity Development Officer – Mrs Jack: who will endeavour to support as best we can.

National 5 Lab Skills
Dr Saddler’s class enjoyed an online session on Wednesday during their lesson. They had an opportunity to meet a research science technician from The Roslin Institute and learned a little about her work on transgenic chickens. They were also able to ask some great questions about her job and the skills she uses in the lab.

Connect (formerly the Scottish Parent Teacher Council)

Connect are inviting any parent of a young person undertaking a Higher or Advanced Higher this academic year to contribute to the national discussion through this survey:

Please note that this survey will close on 30th November 2020.
At Connect, we’re committed to making family engagement in children’s learning and school lives as good as it can be. We work with parents and educators, providing information, advice and training. You’ll find our popular leaflets, useful links and resources for parents and parent groups here.

Wear Blue for Wellbeing Day
A HUGE thank you for all your generous contributions for our “Wear Blue for Wellbeing Day” last week. We raised £671 which our S6 House Ambassadors are collaborating on how to use for the wellbeing of our learners.

A reminder that NHS Lothians has numerous resources available for our community to utilise. These have been specifically collated to support wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic, including specific services available. The landing page for this wealth of material can be found here. Please remember that we as a school are always willing to support and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to talk.

Book Week Scotland
We have enjoyed a range of activities this week to celebrate Book Week Scotland. Highlights included ‘Design a Literary Facemask’ where the winning entrant will have their mask brought to life for them to enjoy. We streamed an Authors Live event for S3 students featuring Kwame Alexander: a poet who reads from his novel and discussed why he thinks poetry is such an interesting way of telling stories.

Craigie Talks
We welcome back Craigie Talks, a student run production about different themes regarding our local area. Here is an introduction from the S6 House Ambassadors:

As you can see, what a vibrant, creative and engaged community we have. Have a good weekend.