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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well, and have now received the DHT update letter sent yesterday. This was quite detailed so for this morning I have no further updates. I have pasted below a report from Mr Gray on developments in Social Subjects.

Faculty update from Mr Gray ( CL Social Subjects)

“Since coming back from the Easter break students in social subjects have been engaged in a variety of remote learning tasks through which many have displayed their digital learning, report writing, designing and presentation skills.

S1 have been busy completing their unit on the 1960’s. Staff  have commented on the quality of investigations covering the Vietnam War, Space Race, Music and Protest as well as the design of peace badges, posters and protest songs. 

S2 have looked at a variety of topics including a Tundra Project, the Assassination of JFK and Child Soldiers. The last week before the timetable shift classes were given a pick and mix challenge and we have had some excellent returns on the Victorian Era, Rain Forests and Reducing Plastic Use. Students have eagerly produced time lines, 3D models, Photoshop posters and E-newspapers as well as info graphics.

S3 have continued their preparation for moving to the senior school and worked through Causes of Terrorism and its Impact, The End of WW1 and the beginning of the Weimar Republic as well as a Global Issues unit on Disease – Malaria, Heart Disease and AIDS.

We are all looking forward to continuing a productive term and engaging senior students as well now that the timetable has shifted.”

Mr Gray ( CL Social Subjects)

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher