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Dear parents/carers,

I hope you have enjoyed your week, please note these updates regarding different aspects of school life.

Wear Blue for Wellbeing Day
Thank-you to all the students who wore blue today in support of wellbeing. During these challenging times our wellbeing is more important than ever. Pupil Support Leaders are updating House Teams online with wellbeing activities and resources, we continue to encourage you and your child to access and engage in these. All students should know how to access Teams but here is a link to the website which offers step by step guide.

NHS Lothians also has numerous resources available for our community to utilise. These have been specifically collated to support wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic, including specific services available. The landing page for this wealth of material can be found here. Please remember that we as a school are always willing to support and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to talk.

Finally, thank-you to those who contributed to Parent Pay for our wellbeing day. The money raised will go directly to wellbeing activities within school. The Parent Pay will close for contributions on Monday. We appreciate your generosity and support.

Formal Assessments 20-21
The Formal Assessment timetable for Higher & Advanced Higher has been
completed and is available on the school website here:

This has also been shared with pupils via their House Teams page. Arrangements for Formal Assessments will be slightly different this year due to the current pandemic.

S5 & 6 pupils will receive a virtual assembly giving full information about how the Formal Assessments will operate next week during their PSE lessons. S4 pupils will also get a virtual assembly during PSE the week beginning the 23rd November. Both assemblies will be available on our website for any absent pupils or parents to watch at a convenient time.

Pupils who are entitled to Special Exam Arrangements will receive a separate timetable which will include information about the support they will receive and amended timings to include any extra time which is required. This is being collated at the moment and will be issued to pupils prior to the Formal Assessment diet commencing.

Please note, we are still waiting on clarification from the authority regarding study leave allowances, we will update pupils, parents and staff as soon as we can.

The Formal Assessment timetable for National 5 which will take place between Monday 11th and Friday 22nd January 2021 will be published by 27th November.

Challenge from Mr Campbell!

Every year the University of Oxford organises an online competition for school students called the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge, designed to give students the chance to practise their computational thinking skills through a series of fun online puzzles.

This year, many S2 and some senior Craigmount Computing Science students will take part in the online challenge during one period of Computing Science, week beginning 16 November. Students can practice examples of puzzles via the Bebras website here: 2018 2017.

Or download the free app:

Read about Computational Thinking on the BBC’s website: Introduction to
computational thinking.

Community Engagement
Craigmount High School has always been proud of the role we have played in the wider community. Our young people are excellent ambassadors for the school and exemplify our core values: Awareness, Drive, Aspiration, Purpose, Trust.

Recently, there have been a small minority of students who have not shown awareness of the environment around them: whether this involves litter, cycling inappropriately or causing damage to property. A little more concerning is the trust that has been lost by the response of these students when members of the community try to engage. Please note that we are working with the community and other local services, including Police Scotland, to ensure that Craigmount is associated with all the fantastic work our learners undertake.

Finally, within school, a new trend is emerging that contact is made with the back of anyone’s head who has a new haircut. Please can I remind everyone that we use the one-way system so if Covid-19 is transmitted then it lands on the back of the head.
Thus, anyone placing their hand there is increasing their risk in contracting the virus. As always, your continued support and contribution in delivering our school vision of: Aim High… ADAPT… Succeed is greatly appreciated.

Clothing for Inclement Weather
We appreciate that as Winter approaches the weather will be more intemperate. Please note that learners should continue to be mindful when dressing for school – especially of current health & safety measures: windows and doors open for ventilation; learners outside whenever possible. If you need support to acquire suitable clothing, please contact Mrs Jack:

Well done to those young people who have been recognised for their contribution in the Physical Education department this month. The following have been nominated for PE Star of the Month:

Stuart Park (1F)
Kaito Ogden (1A)
Elizabeth Simpson (1G)
Brad-Lee MacLeod (1H)
Rachel Hamilton (2G)
Izzy West (2I)

Keep up the excellent effort!

Have a great weekend and we will see your child Monday morning ready for another week of high-quality learning experiences.