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Dear parents/carers,

Please find a quick update regarding Craigmount. I will produce another one on Friday to capture the great work from this week!

Welcome Back!

A warm welcome back to all our students who engaged in remote learning yesterday and today. We hope you enjoyed the festive season and kept yourself safe.

Remote Learning

The next few weeks of remote learning have been organised and the main points can be accessed here. Please remember there are useful guides to support your child in accessing his/her account that can be found here. Here is a brief parent/carer guide for remote learning issued by the authority and located on our website.

We appreciate that there were some technical difficulties regrading Office 365 and Teams yesterday. This meant that staff could not upload materials or learners could not access them. Craigmount was not the only school affected and this issue has now been resolved. Well done to those who persevered.

Each week we will track engagement with remote learning. For identified groups we will email parents/carers on a Friday of any students who are not engaging or not engaging as expected. This week the focus will be on students in S4/5/6 who are studying at N3/4/5 level.

As a school, we fully appreciate that learning remotely can prove challenging to learners and that the pandemic has caused additional strain on families in various ways, but we hope that this additional communication will be supportive. We are here to assist learners to engage as best they can.

If a student is unwell and unable to engage in remote learning a phone call should be made to the absence line (0131 339 6823) with the student name, Tutor Group and reason for absence. This will be recorded and staff will be made aware to avoid unnecessary communication regarding engagement.

Scholar: available for S3 – S6 learners

Some teachers may set tasks linked to Scholar in the coming weeks. Scholar is also an excellent online revision resource for a number of subjects and can be used for independent study or for extension tasks should you want to challenge your young person.

Each learner has automatically been registered for the available subjects on their current timetable. The list of subjects available can be found here:

You have automatically been registered for the subjects on your current timetable. You can login to scholar using the link below and entering your details: e%2Fscholar%2Fsession.controller%3Faction%3Dhome

Seniors should be aware of their login details and S3 students were emailed these earlier today.

National 5 Formal Assessments

We have adjusted our timetable for the National 5 Formal Assessments to reflect the new planned dates of 16 – 26 February, this is available on the website here:

UCAS Applications

Congratulations to all those who completed their UCAS applications, with luck your University offers are on their way to you at this moment in time. For anyone who has still to complete his/her UCAS application the deadline is fast approaching!

S3 Parents’ Consultation with Course Choice

A very different S3 Parent Consultation will take place Wednesday 13th January 2021. Most staff will call to discuss your child’s progress in learning and coursing. Please be focussed on the content of this consultation as it must keep to 5 mins for the system to work.

Course choice for S3 into S4 has started this week and will finish on Monday 18th January 2021. Pupils have a course choice virtual presentation on their House Teams channel which they have been encouraged by their Pupil Support Leader to view to make this process meaningful and straight forward. A version for parents will be available on our website later today. Course choices will be entered in the same way as last year via our school website and login details for this will be sent to pupils tomorrow via their school email.

Have a good week!