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Dear parents/carers,
As the country takes more caution in terms of the pandemic, we are grateful for the strong community ethos we have at Craigmount High School. Working together as a team, following protocols and supporting each other is our best way to navigate these extraordinary times.

I thank you for your continued support and hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

Please find an update relating to several areas of school life.

Have your say…
We have devised a quick questionnaire to gather your views regarding your child’s experience of Craigmount and help determine our next steps. A massive thank-you for all the responses so far and all the valid points raised. I have sought to address some in this update and will be taking others forward in due course.

On average the questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete. The link for the questionnaire was in the email sent on Tuesday morning. The questionnaire will close Sunday 13th September at 5pm.

Health & Safety Measures
Parents/carers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Please find an updated version of the NHS FAQs for parents/carers here. Several questions raised in the school survey are answered in this document. Please find an extract of the question asked most by parents/carers:

“3. What happens if someone in school tests positive?

Test and Protect is Scotland’s public health response to stopping the spread of coronavirus. When someone tests positive for COVID-19 they will get a phone call from Test and Protect. For children under the age of 16, the parent or carer will be contacted. Test and Protect give advice and take details of any recent close contacts. They will talk through what a close contact is. Those contacts will be called by Test and Protect and asked to self-isolate and stay at home for 14 days.

If someone at your child’s school tests positive, or there are multiple people with symptoms, the NHS Lothian Health Protection Team will carry out a risk assessment and will support the school to ensure necessary steps are taken and all close contacts are identified and contacted. They will only know what further steps need to be taken once the risk assessment has taken place. The circumstances and the next steps may be different in different schools.

Parents and carers will be informed that there is a positive case in school.
Unless you are contacted and advised otherwise, your child should attend
school as normal, provided they are well and have no symptoms of COVID-19.”

Please read the document for a wider understanding of the scenario but for
your convenience find below a small extract that details what a “close contact” is:

“Being near someone means:
• Face to face contact with the person within 1 metre for any length of
• Within 1 metre of them for one minute or longer without face to face
• Within 1-2 metres of them for 15 minutes or more.“

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
The HSE is an independent regulator for workplace Health and Safety. To learn more about the work of the HSE; a short clip can be found here.

We had a “spot check” inspection on Wednesday 9th September and am
pleased to report that the HSE found the measures in place for Covid-19 to be good practice.

As a community we have all worked hard to ensure the safe return of our
learners and although we feel proud for what we have achieved (and rightly so) now is not the time for complacency.

We need our value of “Drive” to ensure that we continue to follow the
measures in place for everyone’s safety. Thank-you for supporting your child in:
• wearing face coverings between lessons and waiting in the lunch queue,
unless exempt. Learners should apply their face covering when leaving a
classroom or entering the building at the start of the day or after break
and lunch. They should keep it on until they have entered the classroom
or teaching space for their next lesson (if any student forgets theirs then
there are some available at the school office);
• using the hand sanitizer provided by the school as they enter and exit
the building and each classroom;
• follow the one-way system;
• being outside the building during social time;
• staying in their allocated year bubbles.

These are just a few of the measures but after four full weeks I can understand how some might see them as tedious or pointless, but they are essential to keeping our school community safe. As we increase our vigilance in educating how important following these measures are and the rationale behind them; we appreciate your support in this.

Numeracy Information
There is information regarding Numeracy at Craigmount High School aimed for new S1 parents but useful for everyone, including learners. A helpful guide and other materials can be found here. Please have a look and let us know if you need anything else in supporting your child’s numeracy.

Local Community
A thank-you to all learners who are aware of the local community by keeping the 2m social distance from all adults and following protocols in local services.
Another thank-you to all learners who dispose of their litter responsibly.
Please keep this going!

Congratulations to Emily Kelt (S3 – Pentland)
Absolutely delighted that Emily Kelt in S3 was chosen as one of the winners of the 2019 Climate Week School Writing Competition. She and the other winners have received a £20 book voucher and a personal message from none other than Nicola Sturgeon!

The brief was to write about Scotland in the future. Please click here to read
the short story. In my humble opinion it is a worthy winner, but Mrs Burns
knows Emily Kelt’s talent best:

“Emily shows such flair and creativity and her writing is always a pleasure to read. She should be extremely pleased with this award – it’s so well-deserved!”
Well done Emily Kelt!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to welcoming our young people back on Monday for another full week of learning