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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are safe and well, especially those who continue to work as key workers. The staff working in the Key Worker HUB yesterday reported positively on being able to help at this time, though given that the groups supervised are mixed across schools and sector, I think looking after P2-6 students was a very new experience for secondary staff!

This afternoon, the regular Wellbeing Wednesday DHT email update will once again be sent to all parents and carers. This DHT email will include updates on coursing (students were sent details of the subjects chosen yesterday),  and on online learning.

As usual, I have pasted a few faculty updates below.

Below I have pasted some feedback from Ms Thompson ( CL Performing Arts)

“Thank you to the BGE Music students who have shared their reflections on the music they listen to and the effect music can have on their emotions. It has been great to discover how our students listen to music that inspires them through the lyrics, gets them going through the fast tempo, or connects them with a special memory, for example. Some students are finding more time to play their instruments at home too, which is fantastic. Our instructors have made contact with their students and will support them to practise at home.

The S1 and S2 Drama students have started to think of their own stories in response to stimuli. As we know our students may be missing the interactive practical activities, so we have given some suggestions of games/exercises that can be done with the family at home or with a friend through a virtual meet up platform. Please try some out and let us know how you get on. Our S3 students have been busy learning about set design and we look forward to seeing their ideas and designs over the next week or so. Some are off to a flying start with this –  well done!”

Ms Thompson (CL Performing Arts)

Chemistry/Physics/Science  Mr McKnight (CL)

“In Chemistry and Physics, my departmental leadership sciences, a lot of credit goes those of our S3 students who are engaging with the online work of the S3 course very well, finishing the final unit before moving onto National 5 on the week beginning the 11th of May. Well done also to a number the future Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry students for completing various levels of the Royal Society of Chemistry Interactive Titration Simulation, with one student in particular gaining 100% in all 4 levels.”

Mr McKnight ( Chemistry/Physics/Science)

Stay safe.

Mr Rae

Head Teacher