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Dear Parents/Carers

Good morning. I hope you are safe and well. As this is our second Wellbeing Wednesday, please support us by encouraging engagement with the wellbeing activities being shared through our House Teams. There will also be another letter coming out later today which offers an update from our DHTs on key developments in online learning, coursing and wellbeing.

I am sure many of you will have joined in the International Workers’ Day minute of silence in support of key workers and those who have died carrying put these responsibilities. Many of these key workers, especially in supermarkets at the moment, will be current and former S6 students, so today I want to acknowledge the massive and important contribution these young people are now making to society.

I also want to welcome back Mr O’Rourke from the RMPS department wo has returned to work this week and will now be getting up to speed with the new situation.

Mrs Arbuckle ( Curriculum Leader FCT/RMPS)  has updated me on the good work going on in FCT and with Youth Philanthropy for S3 (led by Ms Woodhouse through RMPS). I shared some  details of the YPI initiative in my letter to all parents yesterday. Photos are also being shared of student cookery on Twitter and Instagram with students engaging positively on this. There will also be Wellbeing Wednesday activity from the department today. Thanks to Ms Arbuckle and her team for these contributions.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher