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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope the first day back yesterday went well. We also know how challenging the current situation will be for many families. The Scottish Government has made it clear that as we will now be in this position for the summer term, more support for parents, learners and schools will be forthcoming. Later today I will be sending an email to all parents which provides information and updates on the term ahead. This will include some links to the government website statement for parents. My email will also include information and updates from our DHTs on key remit areas. We are going to share some wellbeing guidance and support every Wednesday, and will be calling this Wellbeing Wednesday for example. Coursing and advice with home learning will also be covered using the framework shared yesterday by City of Edinburgh, which we spent the day working through. Like parents, teachers are having to view the provision and delivery of learning very differently this term and will be working hard to upskill using digital platforms and share best practice using our main platform, Teams, so that we can be as consistent as possible. In line with other Edinburgh schools, we will be looking to shift our timetable (as we usually do anyway) in early May. Please be assured that although we are not in the building, all the usual coursing and transition planning is currently taking place with staff using the online platforms to work together.

T Rae

Head Teacher