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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. There will be the usual Wednesday DHT email update this afternoon so this morning all I want to share is that this is Mental Health Awareness Week. House Teams are promoting activities around this with students. Following on from the information I posted from Pupil Support Leaders last week, Mrs Ramsay (Arthur House) has now also asked me to share the following message on structure, which House Teams have been sharing with students. This develops further the advice Mr Pye has been posting in recent weeks about creating flexible timetables that suit individual circumstances. Pupil Support Leaders can offer individual advice if required  to any student who gets in touch through their House Team.

Mrs Ramsay ( Pupil Support Leader)

“Over the last week students have moved into their new PSE teams. We are hoping that the smaller team environment will increase engagement and confidence in using Teams as a support tool. This week we have been focusing on the importance of structure and have assigned all pupils the task of creating their own bespoke timetables. By having a timetable it will allow conversations to take place in the home and help both young people and parents/carers to have a better idea of what tasks are being completed each day.

An excellent example:

Stay Safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher