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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are safe and well.

Online learning resumed again this morning following the in-service day yesterday. One of the key priorities for staff yesterday was to further develop skills in this area using the online training available. Today a number of staff are also involved in organising and delivering food parcels and delivering a small number of one-to-one devices to those who are eligible. Staff are also helping to staff the St Augustine’s HUB.

As usual, I now want to share some reflections and feedback from a few subjects on how the online learning and House support is progressing. I have pasted a couple below.

English – Mr Jardine (Curriculum Leader)

“Reading has been prospering over the last few weeks and we are receiving interesting comments from young people about the opportunity to read that they have unexpectedly discovered.

In S3 young people have been tackling content that will prepare them nicely for S4 and we are seeing examples of well written critical essays.

BBC bitesize has some interesting content which is easily accessible for English and provides a good flavour of things to come.

We can report a lot of young people watching content on TV which is providing them with interesting material for discursive essays.

Equally , there are some splendid tv and film texts with wonderful narratives and characters where the scripts highlight interesting key themes- we hope to recommend more options over the coming weeks.

A few students relating that they have turned to radio and audio books often to accompany them on their daily workout/walk – an ideal combination.

In terms of speaking and listening , the most heart-warming thing is to hear that our young people are reaching out to family , friends and neighbours with a kind word and a responsive ear – surely the whole point of improving our English, Literacy and Communication skills.”

Mr Jardine (CL English)

From the House Teams ( shared by Ms Ramsay and Mr Sansom)

“Over the last few weeks there has been engagement on what we have called “Think it out Thursday” and each week a quiz is being posted for the five Houses to complete. Thanks to Mr Jamieson ( Science/Chemistry) for moving this onto an online platform. We are now looking to make these into weekly “House Competitions”. In addition to this competition side of things we have a channel dedicated to our seniors advertising any relevant opportunities for them during this time – students have been in touch to let us know they have been applying to some of these opportunities which is really good to hear. As a Pupil Support Team we are still keen to hear about any achievements or acts of kindness going on in the Craigmount community so we would encourage students to use the House Team page for this, or to email us directly.”

Ms Ramsay (Pupil Support Leader)

“We have also carried out a student wellbeing survey which House teams will analyse and use to influence our thinking over the next few weeks. There will also be an initiative to  focus on sleep routines and how these can impact on mental and physical help (keep an eye out for the Sleep Champions!)”

Mr Sansom ( Pupil Support Leader)

There will be further departmental comments shared tomorrow and more Wellbeing Wednesday activities. Finally, can I thank those of you who have shared some kind words following my email to all parents and carers yesterday. These are much appreciated.

Stay Safe.

Mr Rae

Head Teacher