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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. Today we have a team of staff in the school managing the fortnightly food parcel drops. I am very pleased that these are now supplemented with items supplied by our partner, the Corstorphine Community HUB, and very grateful to them for their extra support for Craigmount families. Mrs Coull also informs me there has been a steady collection of jotters at the school entrance  by parents and carers each day in line with the plan for this. We are also preparing and organising more iPad delivery for eligible students. There has also been progress on the possibility of collecting musical instruments. I have been liaising with the Instrumental Music Service on this for some time and this week citywide guidelines on collection have been shared. We are now applying these guidelines and will be in touch with specific families soon to share the plan for collection. Senior staff are also in school today and working on the specifics of what is required in our building for an August opening.

We have also developed the third of our “Craigietalks” films led by senior students. The talk this week promotes wellbeing. I hope our students enjoy it.

We have also now analysed the House Teams student survey returns and Mr Pye will include a summary of key points in the Wellbeing Wednesday DHT update email. The survey was really encouraging, with the high level of returns showing that faculties were getting the balance of online learning mostly right. We are working with students in House teams  to reduce work set in some areas as we are aware that sometimes there is still too much. As we move towards the new “blended learning” model for next session, all schools will be making further changes in provision and we are confident we have now established sound systems to include student voice as part of this planning. We have also shared the feedback in detail with all staff so that they can make the required adjustments. Mrs Coull will include an update on the parent and carer survey also completed in recent weeks, and the actions we have taken as a result.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher t