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Dear Parents/Carers

Good morning. I hope you and your families remain safe and well. I will be emailing a letter to all parents later today with some key messages so this daily post is brief. Currently there are no new updates or developments from yesterday. I do however want to post some nice work shared by Mrs Dobson in the history department. I am sure you will agree this is an impressive piece of work by an S2 student. I plan to include examples of the sort of work being produced in faculties over the coming weeks. Some excellent examples of work being produced in geography have also been shared with me today.

T Rae

Head Teacher

“Students in S2 History have been studying the Assassination of President John F Kennedy.  As part of their analysis and investigation of the evidence, they have focused on Dealey Plaza, Dallas where JFK was shot.  Currently they are producing models of the Plaza.  Here is a fantastic example, where an S2 student used the programme Blender to produce this outstanding piece of work.”

(Mrs Dobson (History)