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Dear Parents/Carers

These past twenty four hours our senior staff team has been busy planning for an opening tomorrow to accommodate schooling for the children of key workers. The very small number of families involved will have been in communication the centre. Of course, the late announcement by the Prime Minister last night has since impacted on the situation. I await further communication on this proposal so I am not in a position to go into any more detail at present.

On SQA matters, there was an announcement late  this afternoon.  A link to the SQA website will be posted on our website today. Tomorrow our staff teams will be discussing the implications. The SQA does not however have advice around estimates yet, so please once again bear with us until we have the full set of advice from them.

Meanwhile, staff faculty teams have been continuing to post an refine the online materials. We are in a steep learning curve! Mr Pye (DHT) has asked me to share the following message:

Remote Learning – Daily Tasks

We have had an excellent response from our students in the past 2 days of closure. Staff interactions with them are high on Teams and lots of students engaging positively with the online resources and remote learning. This has been a steep learning curve for all!  Our latest addition to our Remote Learning  is a ‘Daily Tasks’ section where we encourage you to ensure students take time for Wellbeing activities, Literacy and Numeracy. There are specific daily tasks for S1-3 and S4-6.  Where possible we are expecting students to complete work from the subjects they would normally have timetabled in any given day. We are aware that some of our students and indeed the wider home working community are, at times, being unable to login to Office365. If you are able to access a desktop version this eradicates some of the issues faced. As you will understand there is significant strain on bandwidth across areas.

Mr Pye (DHT)

I wish you all a good evening at this most difficult of times now that we are all in quarantine.

T Rae

Head Teacher