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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you and your families have remained well over the Easter break, and that you have coped well in the difficult circumstances we are presently facing.

Now that the Easter break is over, staff have been catching up with developments since we broke up. This term, we are no longer designated as a HUB school. Our staff team will now be supporting the HUB for the children of key workers and based at the St Augustine’s HUB. We contacted those Craigmount parents affected by this change yesterday.

This term, staff will now focus on developing our approach to online working. Yesterday schools also received further information on this. Working within this framework we will be aiming to make any improvements we can.

Yesterday, the SQA also released the latest update. This is available on their website, which includes a section for parents. Our staff teams are now considering this advice. At the end of term the City of Edinburgh put out a letter ( on our website) on the SQA situation and I have been informed today there is no city update at the moment. I can only refer you to what it says on the SQA website and assure you that our staff are currently working to implement this advice, and asking for clarifications where appropriate. Thank you for understanding this and allowing us to do this.

We are also working on planning for things such as the usual time-table change, which is also a priority for city of Edinburgh. As soon as I have something agreed and specific on this I will inform you. Please be assured we are very aware of how difficult the current situation will be for senior school students in particular with the cancellation of the exams, and the desirability of schools being able to move ahead with work for next year as soon as this is possible.

Thank you to those of you who completed the survey on ICT sent out at the end of term by Mrs Coull. We are now processing the returns. Today I also received further information from the city on digital access and will be communicating further about this later this week.

I also want to thank  Mrs Coull (DHT) and the staff team who organised the collection and distribution of food parcels this morning to those families who are eligible.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher