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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are safe and well. The shift to the new time-table took place as planned yesterday. Reports from faculties tell me that our senior students were engaging well with the work being set for new courses. New Teams for the new courses have also been set up, and any glitches being ironed out. Please ask students to contact their House Pupil Support leader if they have any difficulty accessing work. Mrs Urquhart (DHT) has also been able to make any course changes requested and supported by parents. We will continue to monitor things this week and make any further changes that are required.

This would have been our Week of Wellbeing for S1-3. The lovely weather makes it even more sad that we are not able to enjoy the range of activities usually on offer. However,  Mr Pye (DHT) is putting together a page with lots of virtual trips so that S1-3 can at least access in some way the activities they would have taken part in. This will go out tomorrow as part of the Wellbeing Wednesday updates.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher