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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. I also hope you have had a chance to read the DHT updates email sent yesterday to all parents and carers.

This morning all school promoted staff met again and were able to have detailed and fruitful discussion around the parent/carer and student feedback on online learning. This has been incredibly helpful around planning our next steps. We are also continuing to share practice and planning further targeted training in online learning strategies with the wider staff.

I was also in a meeting earlier with cluster Head Teachers and Mrs Coull, where we were able to refine further the online transition activities being developed for the new S1 this month. Feedback for the primary HTs on the online materials shared so far was very positive.

There are a couple of faculty promotions I want to mention.


Mrs Stevens (CL Science/Biology)  has asked me to flag up an opportunity to view a climate change film as part of a Virtual Film Festival on 14th June (6.30-8.00). The link will be shared through science Teams. This is a very topical issue and I am sure many students will be interested, not just those in our sustainability group lead by Ms Sanders and Dr Saddler.


Mrs Blair (CL Maths) will be emailing details of a national support for parents around maths and numeracy. I have pasted some brief details shared by Mrs Blair below.

“The Education Scotland Numeracy and Mathematics team wish to highlight a series of events that have been organised by the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) and are designed in partnership with Education Scotland, Making Maths Count and Count on Us.  These ‘Learning Together’ events are aimed specifically at parents to support their child with learning at home, within the area of numeracy and mathematics.”

I can also now confirm that Ms Tomas will be replacing Ms Hannah as the Pupil Support Leader sharing House responsibilities with Ms Savage in August. Ms Savage will continue with full-time responsibilities as planned for the rest of June.

Finally, tomorrow I plan to email you with some further updates.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher