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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you and your families are well. I also hope you have received the detailed email sent yesterday afternoon, which set out some key messages for the term ahead, and included  a number of  links and surveys. I hope the content of the email made it clear that everyone’s priority during this difficult time is to ensure the wellbeing of our whole school community. Mr Pye’s section on online learning aims to help you to prioritise the learning part for each day. Mr Pye has also developed a draft daily structure for learning which we will share as soon as we have discussed further with our faculties.

Staff are also currently absorbing the most recent SQA guidelines. Please remember, you can access full details on the guide for parents on the SQA website.  Please also be aware that the deadline for staff estimates is now extended considerably ( to 29th May) so there is ample time for staff to ensure that we are being consistent with the guidelines. Mrs Urquhart will put out updates on SQA matters as soon as she is in a position to do this. In the meantime, please encourage your son or daughter to register with My SQA (

Step 1 – Sign Up – MySQA
MySQA is your direct link with SQA. It lets you view your qualification information, check the personal details we hold for you and if you’re sitting exams you can get your results sent by email and text

if they are due to receive results on August 4th.

Finally, please be note that we had some intermittent issues with our website on Tuesday which came to my attention later that day. Unfortunately, this delayed the HT ”Welcome back”  post which I had sent on Tuesday.  These issues now have been resolved and we will continue to monitor the site.

Stay safe.

Mr Rae

Head Teacher