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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well.  I have no further whole school updates since my email sent to all parents and carers on Friday. However, I want to share some encouraging information received from Mrs Stevens (CL Science/Biology) about the start made in Higher biology.

Higher Biology ( Mrs Stevens, CL Science

The higher biologists are getting off to a fantastic start this term!

As part of a lesson designed to guide students with their home learning, we have covered retrieval practice and the impact it can have on remembering new information. We asked students to reflect on the way they learn, and to try out some of the methods mentioned to review photosynthesis.

‘I found it surprising that the reason it is harder to remember information when stressed is due to an increase in cortisol… ‘

‘It is interesting that such a simple studying technique is so effective in helping you remember information’

‘Didn’t realise that I was already doing “dual coding” and that it was a retrieval practice’

T Rae

Head Teacher