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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. I also hope you had a good weekend, despite the unseasonal weather. I want to focus on one thing in today’s post, the recent announcements for teachers to return to schools in June, and the planned openings for students in August. The links below contain the details. Key elements in the strategic paper include:

  • Staff returning to schools in June to prepare for the session ahead.
  • All schools reopening on August 11th. (Please note the early return date for Edinburgh schools.)
  • Support from Education Scotland with materials for online learning in the session ahead – not all digitally based.
  • The call for local authorities to take an innovative approach to the use of the learning estate and in optimising workforce capacity.
  • Preparations for the 2021 SQA exam diet – taking into account the changed circumstances during session 2020-21.
  • Implementation in line with scientific and medical advice.
  • An emphasis on wider support and wellbeing, including equity.

In the weeks ahead therefore, we will be using the strategic framework at school level, and further local authority guidance, to ensure we open as planned in August.

Stay Safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher