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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. You should have received a letter directly from City of Edinburgh on Friday afternoon outlining the council decision on the preferred model for blended learning in August, and information about session dates in session 2020-21. In this council letter it indicates that Head Teachers will communicate further details about how the model will work in each individual school by the 24th June. Our staff are today continuing to refine the specific details of this model and how we will be applying it to the Craigmount context. Further details will be shared with you by email over the next few days, and well before the deadline of 24th June. I want to echo the sentiments in the letter and thank you for your patience and understanding with the current situation. For the moment, I would ask you to hold on sending us individual questions about the model as the plan for opening will soon be shared with you.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher