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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you remain well and had a good May weekend. This week we start the next phase of the school closure with the shift to the new timetable. This won’t have the same dramatic impact as when we are  in school, with everyone being issued new timetables and meeting their new teachers. However, staff will be setting tasks, advice and deadlines for the new group of seniors. This will allow them to take on the parts of the new courses most suited to individual working and directly relevant to the eventual outcomes. This means all seniors can get started on course-work from this week. The allocation of new teachers for the chosen courses will take place on the 25th May.

Please encourage all students  to make sure they engage with any tasks set, and to make contact with the subjects they have chosen. Please also ask them to get in touch with their House Pupil Support Leader if they need to clarify anything. As always happens when there is a time-table change, there will be one or two things to fine-tune, and it’s important they get in touch if they need to. Most of this will be around the creation of the new Teams for online learning. Mrs Urquhart has set up the new time-table for today but faculty staff will now be archiving the old Teams used by classes and setting up the new Teams.

The key thing is to advise all students to use the guidelines on working at home, and the sample timetables Mr Pye has posted on the Remote learning page for allocating time to each subject; and of course, to build in time for exercise and wellbeing.

Mrs Coull is also going to send a form to all seniors today. However, this is only for leavers to complete as 31st May is the usual leaving date. This affects only a small number of S4 and S5 as most students stay on. However, we realise some young people who were considering leaving may now have decided to return to school. All leavers should make contact with their House Pupil Support Leader for support this month. Information is also included on Mrs Coull’s communication about the leaver form.

We have now managed to gain some limited school access for staff, and we are looking at ways to collect and distribute jotters and other materials through local shops nearest to each primary school. I will share more information on this later this week.

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher