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Dear Parents/Carers

There’s been a lot going on this week. As I write the senior history students are working on their timed essay. They seemed confident when I spoke with many of them at lunchtime. Thank you for your on-going support with the internal assessments that are taking place this month. The schedule is on the website, and Curriculum Leaders also have the option of emailing you in advance to alert you. Mrs Urquhart is planning the Easter revision programme. There are some life-cycle flooring works taking place in the school but we will be able to work around this. At this stage we are not aware of any other works happening and have asked our Facilities Management partner to make us aware if there are any changes to the plan.

As regards Coronavirus, all schools are in close touch with the centre, and will provide any updates as soon as we receive them. A letter was sent to all parents with basic information last month.

I have also recently shared a letter about the Maybury proposals with a link to them. Meetings with council staff and parent representatives are being planned for later this month.

The S6 photos took place last Friday and I look forward to seeing the group picture. Recently around fifty S6 also took part in the Give Blood campaign which takes place in the school every year. Well done to them for that.

February was also LGBT awareness month and tutor groups were able to view materials devised by the equalities group last week. Thanks to Mrs Walker and Mr McCluskey for leading on this with the group. Assemblies this week were led by Mr Pye (DHT) and focused on reflecting on learning processes in class.

Yesterday, our literacy group, led by Ms Burns (English)  and Mr Hume (Librarian) organised promotional materials and conducted a book clinic during lunchtime. This was enjoyed by the many students who engaged. We also had taster food sessions at break yesterday delivered by the caterers. This is in preparation to the food guideline changes that will come in later this year. The taster sessions were designed to allow students to sample some of the new meat-free and sugar-free products. I can say from personal experience that the veggie sausage rolls were delicious. This seemed to be the student view as well!

Recently we also had senior students (including students from other schools) benefiting from a lecture on the criminal justice session. This is covered in the senior Modern Studies courses. I want to thank Ms Cameron for facilitating this event last week.

On the extra-curricular front we have enjoyed further successes. The Royal Chemistry Society Analyst Cup was won by a team of senior students earlier this week and will now head to the UK finals in the summer term. Thanks to Mr McKnight (CL Chemistry/Science) for leading on this.

Mr Cheyne’s S2 Technology team also won the Rotary Cub technology tournament this week. The S3 team performed well too. The students really enjoyed the event. Thanks to Mr Cheyne for making this happen.

In Mathematics, we have just received the S3 results for the UK Maths Challenge which took place in February. There aware 3 awards, 2 silver and 1 gold, which includes an invite to the next stage for our exceptional Gold Award student, which takes place late this month in school. Well done to S3 students as this is a National competition for S3/4 students, so they were taking the tests a year earlier than many. Thanks to Mrs Blair for co-ordinating this event.

T Rae

Head Teacher