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Dear Parents/Carers

It’s been another busy week on the extra-curricular front at Craigmount. S1 Venture has benefited from the mostly good weather as almost 200 S1 students took part this week with staff House teams. The activities were based around school values.  At the same time, Mrs Jack had another of our leadership sessions with a range of S1-3 students  at Loch Eil in partnership with the Outward Bound Trust. Mrs Jack has just returned this afternoon and the trip was very successful. Many staff are involved in these events, and many staff in school ensure that things continue to run smoothly and I want to thank them all for this extra and enriching contribution to school life.

Some senior students too part in the  Future Asset Conference 2019 and I have pasted below a published article that emerged from this written by J Green. I am grateful to Mrs Scott in the Business Education department for facilitating this work-related experience for the group.

Future asset is a Scottish based organisation that believes in breaking down barriers and stereotypes that women face in the workplace; especially in the finance field. The Future Asset conference encourages girls in their final years of secondary school to consider a career in finance/asset management and helps them explore the many opportunities that a career in such fields presents. Last week Future Asset held their conference at Strathclyde University featuring many Scottish female guest speakers alongside finance industry-based workshops and networking opportunities. The students that attended the event found it to be a great opportunity to network with companies and universities offering insights into the world of finance. Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrat’s spoke on her experience as a woman in politics but also in her personal life. She passionately inspired girls to speak up and act on issues we felt important such as inequality in order gradually create a world without a gender gap. Later that day in an interview Jo spoke about the importance of supporting and empowering one another as females. Many of us considered the event to make us feel valued as girls and to an extent prepare us for the obstacle’s woman face in the workplace and practical ways in which we can pursue our careers despite challenges presented based on prejudice. With many inspirational speakers, students increased their awareness of how our actions can impact others and we can create the change we want to see in society. The day was a huge success as Craigmount students left having explored future career prospects and motivated to speak up about issues they feel strongly about.

I also received the nice feedback below from one of our primary cluster colleagues, who had brought some P5s along to experience a drama performance by Craigmount students. Thanks to Ms Donaldson in drama for leading on this performance and visit.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to your pupils and yourself,  for the excellent drama show today! The P5 audience loved it, as did the Parents and us P5 teachers! One of the grandmothers in the playground after school was also commenting about how much her grandson had enjoyed it.  So a massive well done to all concerned, it was fantastic to see some ex pupils with that level of confidence to perform. Well done Craigmount….you have inspired us to create a brief performance for P1s at some point and if you ever need an audience … you were well worth the smart walk/ jog, there and back!

Keep up the good work!

Maths Week Scotland at Craigmount HS

This week schools around Scotland have been encouraged to plan experiences for students to improve their numeracy and maths skills and team work. On Monday we started the week by sending 2 teams to the S3/4 Enterprising Maths in Lothian heats at Murrayfield Stadium where they created  posters on the topic of Geometry and demonstrated their math’s skills in many ways-  including team, relay and swiss (learning new concept quickly and being questioned on it).  Here at Craigmount High School all S1/2/3 students have enjoyed challenges in new activities including Maths Hunt, Sudoku skills, Construction and Architecture team activities and relay races, many designed by our maths staff.  All S1 students have been encouraged to compete in the National Sumdog Competition and some have use iPads in classes and many S3 students  have taken part in the National Maths Wie Nae Borders competition.

Mrs Blair ( Curriculum Leader, Mathematics)

I visited many of the classes in person yesterday and there was a great atmosphere as the students worked collaboratively and actively on the various challenges. The mood was very impressive.

On Tuesday I also attended the Young Professional’s Conference at Dynamic Earth with 25 S5-6 students.  Ms Tomas also supported the event. It was interesting, in particular the focus on the key work skills and attributes employers value. The event took the form of presentations, and small workshops which allowed students to ask questions of the many young professionals representing their companies at the conference. I think they left with a much stronger impression of the opportunities provided by the varied Modern Apprenticeships available, and how these could support through a university degree. We plan to survey the students about the event next week. It was the first conference of this kind in Scotland, with schools from all over the country attending.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day and Mr Hume and Mrs Burns prepared activities and displays for staff and students to enjoy. This involved poetry in Tutor Group and some nice visuals on the main stairwell. Thanks to them for arranging this.

Tomorrow, senior students from the Social Subjects faculty will gain valuable experience and insights into the working of the law when they take part in the Lothian Minitrials event. Mrs Lawson is leading on this. I look forward to hearing how they get on with the  cases they have prepared.

Have a good weekend.

T Rae

Head Teacher 6;\lsdpri