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Dear Parents/Carers

Last week our highlight alongside the successful P7 transition was most definitely the Like Flying collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland. The students involved gained so much from the production. Those of you who experienced the performance will know what I mean. I want to thank the drama team, and in particular , the Curriculum Leader, Ms Thompson, for facilitating this, and indeed all the staff who were happy to have rooms and areas used by the production team. To deliver a 100K budget production around the normal school day is quite a logistical challenge! It really was quite special. The fact that it promoted student wellbeing was also a major benefit and already the contacts established look like they will open up further opportunities for partnerships. The National Theatre of Scotland sent me the link below to an article on the piece.

We also have the senior school trip to Indonesia on-going, led by Ms Grocott and Mr McArthur. This will be a great experience for all involved and in particular those interest in biological science.

I also want to congratulate the dancers involved in the festival at Royal High School last week. I have also had some nice feedback for the contribution of our musicians at the Corstorphine Music Festival this month, supported by music specialist staff.

The S3 students who visited Napier on the IT4U experience last week also tell me they really enjoyed it. Thanks to the computing and business team for facilitating this extra trip at a busy end of term.

Craigmount students have also been very involved with community consultations with neighbourhood teams who have been seeking the views of young people on their communities. They really enjoyed being involved and made a substantial contribution, building on the work achieved in the Student Parliament this session led by Ms Tomas, who supported the consultation with key staff in the community team.

This week I have enjoyed meeting S6 when issuing ties. This gives me an opportunity to speak with every single student in S6 about their plans for the session ahead, and what they plan to do after S6. This is one of the best parts of the job and it was good to hear they are settling well into the new routines, and signing up for various school service activities.

You should have received a communication ( all Edinburgh Schools had this) about completing a survey. This is the usual biannual survey, which is usually issued through schools earlier in the term, but this session it was sent our directly to all schools from the centre. I will also be sending out our own parent survey when we return which will include a parent summary of our School Improvement Plan. Once again the aim will be to build on our sustained progress with Attainment, Health and Wellbeing and Work and Life Skills. One really brilliant piece of news I received this week was that our Sustained Positive Destination data ( for those going into work, college are university) has increased to 96.7% . We have already been asked to hold training for other schools to share our practice in order to assist improvement elsewhere.

On a connected note, the Business Education team has asked me to share the request below. Please email Mrs Scott if you can assist.

S4 Business Breakfast – Entrepreneurs Wanted!

Can you help by sharing your experience of setting up a business? We are holding a Business Breakfast for our Business Management students on Wednesday 21 August from 0840-0930 hours and are looking for local entrepreneurs who have set up their own business to share their journey. We hope to promote entrepreneurship in our young people and allow students to tie in their knowledge from their Business course. Students working in small groups will ask questions related to their course. If you able to support this event or would like further information, please contact Your support would be much appreciated.
Mrs Scott

We will also be heading into the new session with a full staffing complement following interviews in Maths and Music this week.

My highlight this week was the House Assembly yesterday organised by S6 to say farewell to Ms Main. She has been with us since 2006, and was in Home Economics for a few years before moving to a guidance post. She was really touched by gift of a the fantastic painting of a tree ( done by Ms Watt and art students) where each leaf was depicted by the finger mark of a student in her House. Mrs Main will be much missed. Ms Campbell, an experienced guidance teacher will take up post to replace Mrs Main in August.

We also said farewell to Mr Raeburn who has been an Acting DHT with us this session. He has done a fantastic job with the senior school remit, and will now return to Royal High to take up an Acting DHT post there.

Staff will be in school on in-service training on the 12th and 13th August. Students return on Wednesday 14th August. I look forward to welcoming them all then. In the meantime, I wish you all a great summer.

T Rae
Head Teacher