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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are well. Later today an email will be sent to you with further details of the plan for August opening. This will also include details on an opportunity to gain Dynamic Youth Awards.

I also received some brilliant news yesterday about some dynamic Craigmount S3 students, as two of our teams have won £4K for their chosen charities in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Here are some details from the student teams shared by Ms Woodhouse (RMPS teacher):

Health in Mind:

“The social issue which we chose to raise awareness for is mental health and the charity we chose was Health in Mind. We chose them because we believe that it is really important to speak about mental health and to show people that it’s okay to struggle with your mental health and to talk about it without all of the stigmas attached. The ongoing global pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s mental wellbeing in many different ways, so inevitably the demand for help from the charity has increased. However, Health in Mind does not have the resources for this increase. The £4,000 will help the charity improve their facilities for when they re-open It will also help the charity add more people to their programs and train more people to become befrienders to help those suffering from isolation and loneliness (which is now more important than ever). Ultimately the money will mean they have the resources they need to help support many more people. Throughout this process, we have learned many important skills, some of which include teamwork, organisation, communication and time management. YPI has also taught us how rewarding it is to help people in need.”

(G Meldrum, C Boyton, C McLeod, L Hannay)

Steps to Hope:

“The social issue we chose was homelessness and addiction and the charity we chose was Steps to Hope. We chose them because we felt this social issue has an effect on not just those who have experienced drug addiction and homelessness but everyone in the community. We heard stories from those who had suffered greatly and been through rough times, and how they managed to turn their lives around. It made us grateful and appreciative of everything we have. There is a stigma around drug addiction and homelessness that we wanted to address and put right. During the COVID-19 pandemic everyone is scared and vulnerable, especially those on the streets without a place to call home. We contacted Steps to Hope to see what they are doing to support those in need during this time. We were glad to hear that their services have been continuing and growing more than ever to keep the homeless and addicts safe and healthy. The £4,000 will make a huge difference to the charity. It costs £2 to provide a three course meal for those in need. The money could buy more beds for the shelter. It costs £900 for 6 beds. The money could also be put to use in providing accommodation as it costs £1500 to accommodate 4 people for a month. We learned a lot from participating in YPI during lockdown as we learned how to communicate in a new way and work as part of a team. We expanded our knowledge of our chosen social issue and charity. It helped consolidate our key values and beliefs. We improved our self-awareness of the causes and effects on someone’s life that homelessness and addiction can have and the people around them.” 

(G Geraghty, A Smith , N Curtin, E Wilson)

I want to thank Ms Woodhouse, and Mr McCluskey ( Support for earning) for leading and supporting this worthwhile initiative that benefits society and our students. Well done to the two successful teams, and all the tams who took part.

Mrs Thomson (CL Performing Arts) has asked me to share the information below about the Instrumental Music Service,

The plans agreed by the Instrumental Music Service at the Council, in line with current guidelines for instrumental tuition after the summer, are as follows:

“Instrumental staff will continue to work remotely for the first four weeks when schools resume.  It is likely that they will introduce live lessons through Microsoft Teams and they will be working on that on their return, once they are all set up they will then make contact with pupils directly.”

Stay safe.

T Rae

Head Teacher