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Dear Parents/Carers

In addition to this daily post, I intend to email all parents and carers with a more detailed communication later today. This will allow me to share some observations and update you in more detail on a number of areas.

However, I do want to share some news from our House Teams in order to update you on some competitions which have been taking place.

Updates from House teams

  • Mr Sansom is  informs me that Pentland now hold the “Sports Day Cup” as well as the inaugural “Virtual House Competition Cup”!
  • Ms Campbell has shared details ( pasted below) of the first House Competition. The results were as follows;

Number of participants from each House:

The results, based on correct answers;

Pentland: 737 points 

Arthur: 719 points

Swanston: 654 points

Calton: 547 points

Braid: 442 points  

“Yesterday, being Wellbeing Wednesday, the focus was on one of the 5 steps of Wellbeing –  Take Notice. We are encouraging pupils to engage in some form of meditation, providing different examples to support different needs. Another House competition starts today, with a decoding theme, and answers relating to Craigmount High School. Who will come out on top this week?”

Ms Campbell ( PSL)

Please encourage your young person(s) to take part in these supportive and fun House activities.

Mr Rae

Head Teacher