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Dear Parents/Carers

I really enjoyed speaking with many of you last night at the Wellbeing Festival. Thank you to our Parent Council for working with us on the event. Mrs Coull will be putting out a formal evaluation request by email to all who attended, and initial informal feedback on the night was very positive. I am really excited about the developments in working with parents this session that are designed to engage, and go beyond merely providing information. Wellbeing is a key area for this. The various sessions and the Market Place to me seemed like really strong examples of family learning and engagement. We hope to learn from our first venture in this area and develop ideas further next session.

The S1-3 students were also taking part in wellbeing events this morning with an increased range from last session, and more partner involvement. The programme was really varied and I was able to drop in on many events, and spend some time in the sessions on Mindfulness, Tai Chi, and PC McPherson’s session on keeping safe. These morning events really set up the activities for Week of Wellbeing next week very effectively with some of the trips starting over the weekend. This week is one of the reasons why we have such positive relationships across the school, and staff really enjoy working with the students in the less formal extra-curricular sessions. I am hugely grateful to their flexibility and commitment in delivering such a rich wellbeing programme and in particular want to acknowledge the lead taken by Mr Webster (CL P) in organising and planning the whole week.

I also want to thank Ms Woodhouse and Mr McCluskey for leading on the fantastic S3 YPI activities this session. The finals took place yesterday, with the winning group gaining £3000 for the charity Health in Mind. Well done to Ruby, Cara, Heather and Olivia for their excellent presentation to their peers and the five judges. The standard was even higher than last year. More importantly, the students recognise that they were gaining real life skills, and trusted to work with agencies beyond the school, thus living out a key school value.

Whilst all this has been going on the seniors have been quietly going about the immersion days and taking the various exams, which this week included: Spanish, English, Maths, Chemistry and Hospitality:Cakecraft. Once again, the immediate feedback from students and staff has been that the papers seemed fair.

All in all then, there was a lot happening in school this week. The in-service day on Monday, when staff worked on improvement planning activities for next session seems a long time ago!

I wish you all a good weekend, and hope the May weather warms up!

T Rae
Head Teacher