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Dear Parent/Carer,

Please find an update regarding key aspects of Craigmount High School:

Remote Learning

We have planned for remote learning and the main points can be accessed here. Students will use their Office 365 Teams to continue their learning with teachers on a 2-week timetable beginning with Week A on Monday 11th January.

There are useful guides to support your child in accessing his/her account that can be found here. If you have any issues for your child accessing a device, please email the school:

2-week timetable

When we return to the building (hopefully in February), we will seek to continue the 2-week timetable until Easter. This provides further protection by minimising the contacts learners have each day.

S3 Parent Consultation

Please remember to follow the instructions sent on Monday to sign up for the S3 Parent Consultation Event if you have not done so already. This will be a telephone conversation of strictly 5 minutes with each staff member. Please have a think about what you wish to discuss. We appreciate your understanding in this as a strict schedule must be kept for the system to work.

Senior Phase – update

Higher and Advanced Higher pupils who completed their Formal Assessments before Christmas will receive their results with appropriate feedback by Friday 15th January. This information will be shared with pupils via Teams or school email. Faculties will decide which form of feedback suits their subject best. This information will also be included in the parental reports which will be sent via email during the week beginning the 18th of January.

The first National 5 diet of Formal Assessments was scheduled for next week. This will now take place from Tuesday 16th February until Friday 26th February. Please note that pupils will be engaged in a mix of revision and new material until then. If for any reason that the learners cannot return to the school building, then this diet will be cancelled.

The cancellation of the Higher and Advanced Higher examinations means that we will have a second diet of Formal Assessments for all National 5 through to Advanced Higher courses from Monday 26th April to Friday the 21st May.

Although we plan for Formal Assessments in April/May there is no guarantee that these will take place. Please note that even though these Formal Assessments can be key pieces of evidence for staff in making professional judgements, they are not the whole story. It is the totality of what the learner accomplishes this year that will decide their final grade for that subject. Learners should be aware of this when completing tasks set by their teacher.


Your child is on Teams and can communicate directly with his/her Pupil Support Leader through the “House Team”. If you would like support or wish to discuss any individual concerns regarding your child, then please contact your child’s Pupil Support Leader using the details below:

HousePupil Support LeaderEmail
BraidMrs Savage/Ms
SwanstonMrs FrewLouise.Frew

All the best for the future as I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A O’Doherty Acting Head Teacher