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Student Support




All staff work together in an open plan office. Our door is always open so that students can come and make arrangements to speak with their Pupil Support Leader.

  • Arthur House (01/02 classes) are with Ms Ramsay
  • Braid House (03/04 classes) are with Miss Savage/Ms Hannah
  • Calton House (05/06 classes) are with Ms Campbell
  • Pentland House (07/08 classes) are with Mr Sansom
  • Swanston House (09/10 classes) are with Mrs Frew/Ms Tomasdottir

Parents can make contact with the pupil support leader allocated to their young person through phone or email. The pupil support leader is the first point of contact for parents. Our pupil support team also work with a range of external agencies such as social work, educational welfare officers and CAMHS.

Each student is taught Personal Social Education (PSE) one period a week by their pupil support teacher.


The materials here are not subject specific but will help you if you are in need.

Students should work their way through this presentation in the run up to exams to help manage exam stress, completing tasks and watching the linked videos.

Exam Stress

Students should go through this PDF file and explore the resources provided. This is a comprehensive pack of advice, providing strategies for students; equipping them for looking after their own health and wellbeing during school closures. The file also instructs students how to seek out appropriate support, should they need it and includes contact details for Pupil Support Leaders.

CHS Wellbeing Advice during Covid-19

Students should work through this booklet and do the prescribed exercises. These could be put into practice regularly if helpful.

Positive Wellbeing

Students are responsible for organising their own time and should choose a timetable format to fill in digitally, or print a copy to populate by hand. It is recommended that students continue to follow to the same timetable they follow in school.

study timetable template

study timetable second template

Create a study plan

Study skills

Daily planner


Self-harm fact sheet for young people

Self harm fact sheet for families and parents

Self harm booklet


Every year we have a large number of students applying to UCAS. Students are required to register on the UCAS website and complete a personal statement. The pupil support team complete a reference on the behalf of the students with an input from their class teachers. Please see below the deadlines relating to this years UCAS.


We have a very strong link with the local colleges and many of or students attend college in the afternoon to complete a qualification.



 Polly CampbellStudent Support Leader (05, 06)
 Fiona RamsayStudent Support Leader (01, 02)
 Louise FrewStudent Support Leader (09, 10)
 Jocelyn HannahStudent Support Leader (03, 04) Acting
 David SansomStudent Support Leader (07, 08)
 Asta ThomasdottirTeacher