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Senior Leadership Team

The Headteacher, Colin Meikle, has overall strategic responsibility for the leadership and management of all aspects of the school. These include leading learning and teaching, developing teachers and staff, leading change and improvement, managing resources and building the school community.

Various aspects of the Head Teacher’s role are devolved to the Deputes and to the Business Manager as follows:

Carol Bryce (Business Manager)  responsibility for the management of:

  • School Finance
  • SQA
  • Support Staff
  • Health & Safety
  • School Building

Scott Pye (Depute)  responsible for:

  • Learning & Teaching
  • Arthur & Swanston Houses
  • Broad General Curriculum in S1-3
  • Assessment, reporting and tracking
  • Numeracy
  • Induction & Development of Staff

Karen Coull (Depute)  responsible for:

  • Support for Students
  • Calton House
  • P7 to S1 transition
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Enhanced Provision & Guidance
  • Time for Reflection

Tracy Urquhart (Depute)  responsibile for:

  • Braid & Pentland Houses
  • School Timetable
  • Senior Phase Curriculum in S4-6
  • SQA & Insight Exam Data Analysis
  • Transition of students into positive, sustained destinations including Higher Education, Further Education and Employment
  • Literacy


 Karen CoullDepute Head Teacher (acting)
 Tony O’DohertyHead Teacher
 Tracy UrquhartDepute Head Teacher
 Scott PyeDepute Head Teacher