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Performing Arts

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The Faculty of Performing Arts

The Faculty of Performing Arts includes the discrete subjects of Drama and Music.  Here at Craigmount, students can participate in both subjects at all levels up to Advanced Higher.  All students are timetabled for Music and Drama classes in S1 and have the opportunity to continue their studies through to S6.  Through the performing arts, we aim to inspire students to:

  • develop self-expression
  • grow in confidence
  • be creative
  • use their imagination
  • improve their performance skills
  • work effectively with others
  • learn about different themes and issues
  • see things from a different perspective
  • be reflective

Both subjects make an invaluable contribution to the wider life of the school.


S1-3 Broad General Education

All students in S1- 3 develop an understanding of creating, presenting and evaluating different dramas. The students have opportunities to create realistic and stylised characters through voice, movement and language, based on a range of stimuli. They aim to develop ideas and contribute to the devising, rehearsing and performance of drama presentations. Students also have the chance to convey relationships and situations in a variety of settings and to different audiences. Through a variety of units students are able to develop their understanding of drama skills while exploring themes and issues meaningful to them.

S4/5/6 Senior Phase

In the Senior Phase, students are able to choose to study Drama at National 3, 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. We also offer an NPA in Acting and Performance.


S1-3 Broad General Education

In music students in S1-3 have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. Performing and creating are the main features for all learners. Through these activities students develop their vocal and instrumental skills, explore sounds and musical concepts, and  use their imagination and skills to create musical ideas and compositions.

Students further develop their understanding and capacity to enjoy music  through listening to musical performances and commenting on them. Technology and ICT are used to enhance students’ composition and performance, and to promote their understanding of how music works.

S4/5/6 Senior Phase

In the Senior Phase, students are able to choose to study Music at National 3, 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. We also offer Music Technology as an alternative to Music Performing.

Wider Achievement Opportunities

In addition to learning within the formal curriculum, students in Drama and Music enjoy many opportunities to participate in school shows, events and other performances.

Extra Curricular Drama

There are different projects each year for students to get involved in. There are opportunities for students on stage, back stage, front of house and in production roles. 

Senior Drama students are given the opportunity to go on theatre visits out with school hours to compliment their studies in class.

Extra Curricular Music

The Music Department is always busy at break times, lunchtimes and after school with rehearsals for instrumental and vocal ensembles.  All students learning an instrument have the opportunity to take part in at least one group and anyone is welcome to join the choir.  Many students are members of several ensembles.  All our extra-curricular groups take part in concerts at Christmas and Spring and some perform at other school events, community and charity concerts. 



 Laura ThompsonCurriculum Leader
 Fiona CunninghamTeacher Drama
 Taylar DonaldsonTeacher Drama
 Ewen EmeryTeacher Drama
 Stephen McLarenTeacher Music
 Amelia MitchellTeacher Music
 Asta ThomasdottirTeacher