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**N5 Administration & IT Assignment**

The N5 Administration & IT Assignment will take place on Thursday 15th (periods 6 & 7) and Friday 16th March (periods 3 & 4). Revision sessions for students will take place after school on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th March.

This assignment has 70 marks out of a total of 120 marks available for the course assessment.

It assesses the following skills, knowledge and understanding:

  • using advanced IT functions in word-processing/desktop publishing and presentations to produce and process information
  • using technology for investigation
  • using technology for electronic communication
  • problem-solving
  • administration theory

This is a closed book assessment. However, you can use the internet when specifically instructed to do so.

The assignment will be undertaken under exam conditions and the following rules will apply:

  • No mobile phones allowed in the classroom
  • Each student will be given a seat at a desk and a computer to sit at
  • Students are not permitted to talk whilst working on the assignment in the class room
  • Students are either at a desk or at their own allocated computer
  • Students are not permitted to work on their assignment out with the allocated time
  • Students are not permitted to help each other.

For more information about the conditions of assessment please refer to the sqa website: