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Homestudy in the Business Education and Computing Faculty

“What you do today, can improve all your tomorrows”

In the Business and Computing Faculty,  students in all of our courses will be issued regular homework. expected to undertake regular homestudy and to take responsibility for their learning by taking notes of homework issued.

S1 to S3 Broad General Education

In S1, students have one period of Business Education and one period of Digital Literacy per week. Students in S2 have one period of Computing Science and one period of S2 Tech Skills.

In S3 students can choose the following subjects in the faculty, click on each link to find out more:

Set homework is often given weekly by the class teacher. Students should check their class’s OneNote if they have missed class or forgotten the details of the homework for that week.

S1 and S2 OneNote Portfolios

Onenote Icon

All S1 and S2 students have set up their own Learning Portfolios on OneNote. Students are encouraged to use their portfolio to write about learning in their other subjects, this will help them to write their student profiles at the end of S1, S2 and S3.

Links to Office365

Each student has a class onenote for each subject. Students can access this OneNote from any computer connected to the internet. Students will need their office365 login details to access the OneNotes. The link below takes you to the office365 website:

Office365 link

 Senior Phase Courses

Study Support Classes

Dates and times to be confirmed soon, this will be sent out on twitter and updated on this page.

Senior Phase Online Resources

A variety of online resources are used by the different courses to give students access to their class material from home, the faculty uses Office365 and Class OneNote Notebooks. Other websites such as Scholar and BBC Bitesize are useful for students to use at home. Links for specific courses are given below.

The clip below shows how to use the OneNote:

Advanced Higher Business Management

Class resources are on the Class OneNote notebook. Students should be regularly reading scholar notes and checking current news via the website.

Advanced Higher Computing

Class resources are on the Class OneNote notebook, scholar notes are very useful.

Higher Accounting

The best way to revise for Higher Accounting is to practice exercises. There are lots of exercises in the notes given, however, Scholar also has exercises that could be used for revision.

 Higher Business Management

Scholar has good resources for Higher Business Management, link is below. A good revision guide to buy is the “How to Pass Higher Business Management”. It has a summary of each unit and should be used in conjunction with the more detailed course notes.

How to Pass H BM

Higher Computing

As with the other Senior phase courses, material for this subject is on Scholar and also on the Class OneNotebook. Links are below:

National 5 Accounting

National 5 Business

Class resources are on OnNote.

National 5 Computing