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Music rehearsals – Mrs Morison

A reminder that Craigmount Fiddlers rehearses at lunchtime today and Orchestra after school.

Debating – Mr McPake

Debating will take place in the library during Wednesday lunchtime. The motion will be: This House believes the government should pay parents who stay at home to look after their children. All staff and students are welcome to attend.

Friday Debating – Mr McPake

Friday afternoon debating will take place on the 9th of January in Mr McPake’s room (2/22) after school.

Transport Academies  : (All booked with Central Taxis 0131 229 2468).

Taxi 3: Health & Social Care: Year 1 – Picking up from Craigmount on Thursday January 8th at 12.45 and dropping 3 students to Edinburgh College Granton. Lead name: Avey.

Taxi 4: Hospitality & Tourism: Year 2 – Picking up from Craigmount on Friday Jan 9th  at 12.45 and dropping 4 students to Edinburgh College Granton.   Lead name:  Ross.

Taxi 5: Health & Social Care: Year 2 – Picking up from Craigmount on Friday Jan 9th at 12.30 and dropping 3 students to Queen Margaret University Musselburgh.   Lead name:  Ritchie/Ramsay